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Noxious Weed Spraying and Targeted Weed Control

We have several years of experience doing targeted weed control.  The owner of the company first started spraying leafy spurge when he was 12 years old on the family Cattle Ranch prairie lands by Solen ND.

We have a truck mounted spray unit, UTV mounted, and four wheeler unit.  Each unit has boom less nozzles and hose real.  Don't let your land go to waste by letting the weeds get out of control, killing off natural grasses.  We also give bulk discounts on chemical, and can provide detailed spray reports for ranchers to get reimbursements from their county weed board.  In 2018 we sprayed over 12,000 acres and everybody we sprayed for had reported excellent results and complete knock down of Leafy Spurge.  2019 We did another 13,000 acres roughly with great results!


For most jobs we bill per hour and a mobilization fee, we typically bring enough water with so we can spray for a steady 12 hour day without leaving for water.  Our ATV/UTV's are equipped with turf tires and fire extinguishers.  

New for 2020 we have a 25 foot spray boom on the Gator that we can quickly spray CPR and flat lands with, everything else we still use boomless nozzles.

We also do wetland weed and vegetation control, around lagoons and waste management areas.

We will travel about 100 miles from Rolla for this service, contact us sooner then latter so we can get you scheduled!   Call Joe with questions 701-389-1155

Noxious Weeds of North Dakota

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